Why is Tuck sending a delegation to the climate change talks?

Climate change and energy scarcity are fundamental issues of our generation.  At the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, we believe it is imperative for current and future business leaders to understand the implications of the decisions made today on business and society. The UN hosted COP18 conference seeks to set an ambitious global agreement to address climate change. A sound understanding of this agreement is necessary to enable business leaders to incorporate opportunities and environmental constraints into their business plans.  As an international delegation of second-year MBAs hosted by Professor Anant Sundaram and Tuck’s Center for Business & Society, we have seen how the climate change debate is having an impact on the decisions made by businesses around the world. We look forward to learning from the perspectives of other conference attendees and the opportunity to share our experience with Tuck and the greater Dartmouth community upon our return.

Delegation members include Professor Anant Sundaram; second-year Tuck students: Vijai Krishnan, Betsabeh Madani, Sarah Stern and Joya Zuber; and Center director, Pat Palmiotto.

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